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Usually the studio cam is on when am I am sewing, so you can see the clothing being made in real time. Just look at the time stamp of the image to see if the cam is on. Unfortunately my job isn’t just sewing. Running the ELC shop means I have to spend many hours answering emails, running items to the post office and shopping for materials for your shop requests. So if the studio cam hasn’t been on for a couple days, no worries, I haven’t died, I’m just trying to make sure that you have the best customer support available and the most incredible fabrics known to man.

↓ Live from the studio : April 15, 2012 ↓

Went fabric shopping today! Yay! Had such a fabulous time :0) I danced around with my arms out like the chick from the sound of music singing to my boyfriend Blake, Look! Look at ALLLLL The Fucks I give!! LMFAO! He thought it was quite funny >.< The lady who was cutting my fabric thought it was pretty as well. I get giddy when I’m buyin fabric.. go figure

↑ Live from the studio : April 10, 2012 ↑

Webcam Snapshot of the ELC Studio

:: About The ELC Studio ::

There’s always tons of fun stuff going on at the Enlightened Libra Creations Studio. My boyfriend Blake and I moved to New Jersey so that Blake could attend  college for scientific glass blowing.

We share studio space with another glass blower and his girlfriend who is an illustrator and painter. So at any time you could see not only me making clothing but Blake lampworking along with J and K painting. Also a  lot of times the students from the glass program stop by for demonstrations.

We live quite close to Maryland, Philly and Delaware and if you would like to stop by and join in all the fun, please shoot me an email or pop in the live help chat. ELC friends are always welcome. We just ask that you be 21 or over.

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