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Apr 14, 2008   //   by Redhead The Pirate   //   Featured Items  //  No Comments
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Hello my lovelies!

It’s another beautiful day here at the infamous Enlightened Libra Studio. Once again I am very pleased to announce the arrival of brand new 100% one of a kind handmade wears.

This week I have 2 very exciting & masterfully created pairs of pants. The first pair is a unique & hard hitting Funky Punky Pistol Pants with the oh so sought after Bondage Straps.

The next pair of pants I made are Ultra Phat Pirate pants worthy of the only the most sea weathered of my scallywag crew.

As with all my items these are guaranteed to get you noticed & admired by all the hot topic wannabes. Snatch em up before your best friend is wearing them & your crying in the bathroom like a lil girl.

Remember, I will not be making these again as all my creations are 100% one of a kind works of art.. Just like YOU!


Redhead The Pirate

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