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Aug 22, 2011   //   by Redhead The Pirate   //   Featured Items  //  3 Comments
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UPDATE 9/19/2014

You can now Custom Order ELC Exclusive Invader Zim Phat Pants in the Shop! CLICK HERE!

Get them in your Size, Design, Color & Fabric! Add Reflective Tape, Suspenders or any other feature your heart desires!

Wow! These came out sooo freakin awesome! They have all the bells and whistles and then some! 2 Hidden Stash Pockets, Reflective Bondage Suspenders & Tons of Reflective Tape make these bad boys glow like crazy!

Reflective Invader Zim Raver Bondage Pants with Hidden Stash Pockets

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  • Wow! Loves me some Zim!

  • I want them, how much?

  • Hi Panda Ann,

    I’m very sorry but the Invader Zim Pants have been sold. I will have a new pair available within the next couple weeks. Please subscribe to our facebook page to know when they are posted in the shop. Thank you ever so much and have a great day!



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