The Truth About Quality

Table of Contents

  1. Its all About the Details
  2. Science in Design
  3. Master Craftsmanship
  4. Guaranteed Quality
  5. What sets ELC apart

It's all About the Details

Ever wondered why it takes me so long to get new items up in the shop? There's a really good reason why my new designs take so long to be made. Anyone can slap a piece of clothing together and sell it on the internet but only a select few care enough to scrutinize every aspect and detail and make a truly incredible work of wearable art.

Most people think that if you have a serger you can just serge the inside seams and call it done. What you might not know is that a serged seam isn't enough. That's why I first use a tight straight stitch, then I serge and to top it all off I double or triple top stitch. Honestly this is a very time consuming way of doing things but it's what seperates ELC from the rest. I always go the extra mile to make things amazing.

Before I even begin a project, I first wash, dry and iron the fabric. This ensures that your item will not shrink in the wash or have excess dye that will bleed onto your other clothing.

When it comes to details, ELC reins supreme. A lot of the techniques I use to ensure your item will last forever, you will probably never even notice but when you own one of my items for years to come you will know they are there.

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Science in Design

Here at ELC everything is tested in a scientific environment. All of my designs, patterns & sewing techniques are put through at least 20 different quality tests to ensure that you are buying an item that will TRULY withstand anything you can through at it.

There is truly science in my designs. When I create a pattern or modify my sewing techniques, I always run a series of extravagant tests to ensure my clothing is the very highest of quality. Not only do I run scientific tests on how my design will fit but how it will withstand washing, drying, ironing & partying. I wear every test design for several weeks before ever releasing it to be made for the shop. I take clothing design to a whole new level.

I'm elaborating on this topic due to the amount of emails I get from my customers & others who have bought inferior products & now feel quite ripped off. I want people to be informed about their purchases & be happy with buying clothing on the web. If others are being swindled then they will be hesitant to buy from sites (like mine) that are making quality goods.

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Master Craftsmanship

It takes a lot to be considered a master seamstress. I have studied under 2 master seamstresses & have over 10 years of internship under my belt. As of 2011, I have been sewing for over 25 years. My clothing is made on professional machines. I only use the best materials. I do NOT use anything unless it is first tested & meets my approval and I am one of the harshest critics. From my thread, to my fabric & everything in between, my materials are always of the highest quality.

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Guaranteed Quality

ELC stands behind our clothing 100%. We guarantee that your new item(s) will arrive fast & they will be even better then any of the pictures convey. I have been making and selling clothing for over 10 years and have yet to have anyone complain about the craftsmanship or services I provide. You don't stay in business this long without offering a quality product and amazing customers service.

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What sets ELC apart

There are MANY things that set ELC apart from our competitors. First is my exceedingly diligent commitment to my customers & prompt customer service.

I have even set up a live studio cam so that you can see that there is an actual person working very hard behind the scenes of the ELC website.

Unlike other sites, ELC offers you many ways to contact me. Even text message for when you're on the go! No auto responders here! Emails are answered almost instantaneously by a real live person! Or you can speak with me live & in real time on my Live Help Chat.

What site do you know of that actually gives you their cell number?! I do, cause I want you to feel safe knowing that there is someone who cares if you are happy with your purchase or need help - anytime - anywhere. Even if the I'm out of the studio, you can still get service!

Because here at ELC you are not a customer, you are a friend and part of the ELC family.

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