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Last Pair of Invader Zim Pants EVER

Price: $280.00  |  SORRY SOLD

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  Item Size

Outseam - 40.5 inches {GO BY THIS MEASUREMENT}

Inseam - 29.5 inches

Waist - 40 inches around (Drawstring Style - will cinch to smaller size)

Cuffs - 41 inches around


This is the last pair that will ever be made. Once they are sold they are gone forever, never to be made again. Actually, they can't be made again as I used the last of the Invader Zim Fabric to make them. You can not buy this fabric anymore. Not on the net, not on is discontinued and will not be released again. Don't wait, these will not last long!

Treat Yourself to the Best  Present Ever and Start Your New Year in Style!

These have a secret stash pocket hidden inside. It has a velcro closure and is big enough to put your money, IDs, Cards and party favors you don't want found.

There are 2 front inside pockets that are trimmed out with reflective tape. The front pockets are very deep and they are angled so that your goodies don't spill out when you are dancing or if you sit/lay down.

There are to lighter pockets within the front inside pockets with reflective trim accents and hidden velcro closures.

There are 2 large back pockets with hidden velcro closures. One has "Ride Boy Ride on it and the other has "The Pig!" on it.

These are unisex designed so they will fit and look great on either men or women.

I used new silver fabric reflective tape that glows brighter and stronger then the plastic type and it is soft and flexible.

The cuffs are drawstring  and  have a reflective drawstring holder so you don't trip while dancing.

There are 4 Triangular Rings attached with reflective tape, so you clip on your keys or suspenders, ect.

These come with Reflective Suspenders and a Reflective Water Bottle Holder that Snaps On.

They have a regular jeans style front closure. Instead of a zipper they have heavy duty velcro that works much better then a zipper. There is nothing to break or zip yourself up in. I've been making rave pants for over 15 years and the consensus from my customers and from my own observations is that this style lasts longer and is far superior.

Heck these have so many intricate details, you will be utterly amazed with the quality and originality.

There is NO WAITING when you order from ELC! These pants are Premade and will be shipped out within 24 hours of you placing your order. They will be shipped USPS Priority Mail which takes 1-3 days to arrive.

If you have had bad experiences with the mainstream corporate shops, not sending your order, or making you wait months for your items to arrive, please take a chance with ELC, as I will restore your faith in online shopping.

- ONE OF A KIND! These are the only ones in the entire world!

  Materials Used

I used black medium weight cotton denim.  One of the softest fabrics you will ever have the pleasure of wearing.

Brand New Invader Zim and Gir Fabric. This fabric has been discontinued and can not be purchased anymore.

Top of the line and insanely expensive Silver Reflective Fabric Tape. This is a much higher quality reflective tape and is much more reflective/reactive to light. Unlike the plastic type reflective tapes, this RT is soft and very flexible.

Black nylon webbing, 4 Plastic Rectangular Rings, quick release adjustable buckle, 5 Steel Snap Clips, Velcro

  Care Instructions

Please  wash cold on delicate cycle - No bleach.

Turn inside out when washing and drying.

Hang dry or tumble dry on low/delicate cycle.

Use woolite or woolite dark to prevent fading & keep this fabric looking brand new forever.

Iron on cotton setting avoiding the nylon webbing and reflective tape..

Care Instructions come with this item!

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