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Customer Testimonials

Here are all of our testimonials from our satisfied customers.

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Overall store ratings: (based on 137 testimonials)






Testimonial by: Tom
Bought the red satin raver pants and I extremely love them! I always wanted something like this and are VERY comfortable! Love your high quality tailoring. You are very talented, Shayna and I will buy from you again. Thank you!!

Testimonial by: Jon Nelson
Shayna, all I can say is that these festival shorts are DOPE. I wore them to Beyond Wonderland the first day and they were so comfortable that I ended up wearing them bolth days. Just a warning; be prepared to have people stop you in the street asking about Shayna ' s clothes. I must of had 20 people stop me thus weekend ( of course I told them who to talk to) . I'm definitely going to buy more. PS the secret pocket worked flawlessly.

Testimonial by: Steve
Great service, top notch clothes and always happy to buy from Shayna. Furthermore, she is one of the most nicest people I talk to in my life. Keep up the great work..........PEACE

Testimonial by: Kelly Kording
Just got my new phats. I love them, but the only problem is...I was wrong about my outseam...they are way to short for me to wear out to a party, but I'll still wear them around my house, cause they are super comfy. It's my own fault they are to short, but I still love them.

*Kelly, I want you to be 100% happy with your pants. I received your email and have emailed you back twice now about sending them back and having the length fixed for you for free.*

Testimonial by: Jolynn Ulibarri
Shayna is the most amazing seamstress. I have over a dozen pieces of hers and no one in the world compares to her quality or exceptional love. I'm forever faithful to elc I won't wear any other pants !!!

Testimonial by: Miranda
My pants just arrived and couldn't get the box openned fast enough. Put them on and they ARE PERFECT and my baby girl loves to play with them because of the rich colours. AWESOME! count me as a completely loyal to Shayna's designs, she's brilliant!

Testimonial by: Lorraine
These pants are amazing! I adore my pink care bear phat pants ^.^ I've worn them a couple times now and they're so comfortable and great for dancing in. Plus everyone who sees them agrees that they're super cute! Can not wait to get my next pair. Shayna, thank you thank you for making these. PLUR For Life ^.^

Testimonial by: Bre
The pants are awsome Shayna! i've already been complimented on them :) Good work!

Testimonial by: Cosmos
The pants helped complete myself as a person Peace Love Unity Respect. I will recommend your work to many and all

Testimonial by: Jolynn & Tyson
I just bought care bear pants from this groovy chick. They are amazing. Easily the best quality I've ever worn. The stitching is immaculate. The art is perfect!!!!

Testimonial by: Mike
Hey Shayna, just want to say Thanks a load:) recieved both paires of pants safe and sound and they are perfect will def be coming back. Also thankyou for the pressy's they are fantastic, and i will most certainly spread the word in the UK. Thanks once again Mike.

Testimonial by: Alexander Doble
Shayna i thank you so much for your excellent and wonderful customer service and for treating your customers like a family!! I'm glad i could bought this Hello Kitty bondage strap phat pants from you. They are more than comfortable and perfect for Puerto Rico's very warm climate. I love them and be assure i will talk to you about a design i would love to be made by you of a character that i love. Thank you so much for everything once again :P PLUR!!!! Love Always!!!

Testimonial by: Tony
Hey Shayna, I just wanted to let you know I received my pants today and they are fabulous. The color isn't too light or too dark, they are just the right size, and they are high quality materials/craftsmanship; I am quite pleased. Also, thanks for the candy.... it will be coming with me to EDC. I will definitely be telling people where to get their pants for next year :) Thanks again! ~PLUR Tony

Testimonial by: Shaylin
Thank you Shayna! I received my Striped Pirate Phat Pants today! They are perfect, thank you for hemming them for me! Cant wait to order from you again! *PLUR* <3Shaylin

Testimonial by: MissLAdyBug
couldn't wait any longer to give these pants a try and gonna have to say I believe I am going to be a long term customer , her work is one of a kind and her her online help is wonderful , got my some pokeman phatties so cute ;3 Wonderful site that I am so glad I found , I did indeed stuck gold :D Thankyou so Much Shayna U know u rocking it always!!!

Testimonial by: steve. p
So much PLUR on this super website

Testimonial by: Kate
Hi Shayna, I received my pants a couple days ago, and just wanted to send a quick thank you and tell you that I absolutely love them!! I've bought similar handmade items over the years, and while I've been happy with them, I have to say that these are of exceptional quality. I also appreciate your warm and personal approach to customer service. Thanks again, and I'm sure I'll be checking out the store again soon! Kate

Testimonial by: sheila
Very nice phat pants, my daughter is gonna love them. Communications and their Shipping is top notch. I am very pleased with this company that I will recommend to all my daughters friends parents. Keep up the wonderful work you do.

Testimonial by: steve . p
Love the green lounge phat pants and well made. Inseam is perfect fit forme and waist drawstring is awesome with a nice snug fit. thanks for replying to my questions. On another note, when i ask shayna about why i did not get a tracking number, she was on top of it and made sure myorder was shipped asap. She Gave the post office workers shit for thier mess up. Thank u again n will here again. You are what PLUR is about.

Testimonial by: Sara
The invader zim rave pants are amazing. They are shiny, super light reflective, comfy and sized so well. Its the best thing ever created. I received them with the speed of a thousand magic bullets and got responses to my silly questions faster than I could click. I will be shopping here frequently for more awesome stuff. THANK YOU SHAYNA! You are truly creating amazing things and have brightened my wedding (these are so awesome we're getting married in them) and my life by sharing these with us. These zim pants are THAT incredible.

Testimonial by: Malia Mikesell
i love my rainbow flame raver outfit SO much! its unique and beautiful! way better than anything i could find elsewhere! And wayy less expensive! Very Fair prices, SUPER SPEEDY shipping, and outstanding customer service!Shayna is so helpful, nice, easy to talk to. Shes a true PLUR-Girl! I love her being online to chat, such a quick response! my skirt was a little too big to fit my tiny butt, so i asked if she could alter it for me, and she happily did so! im so happy with my outfit, ill be wearing it out to a rave soon!

Testimonial by: Cody Walsh
Thanks to Shayna, I'm now the proud owner of a totally awesome pair of Invader Zim Pants! At any other store, the owners are looking to just get some money and care little for the customer...but throughout the whole process Shayna was there to answer any questions I had with a smile! She's very approachable, friendly, and just overall great! If you're second guessing yourself about buying something here...don't!

Testimonial by: Stephanie
I ust ordered a pair of the lounge pants and I'm very excited to have found a site that is relatively cheap and sells baggy pants in plus sizes because I can't find large quality rave pants anywhere...Heaven sent website and owner :D Thanks Shay!

Testimonial by: Clinton!
Shayna is one of the most wonderful people I have ever met. If your wanting some amazing one of a kind clothing or even just some fantastic conversation, she is your gal. My denim phats are completely wonderful and I can't wait for my invader zim pair! I love you much Shayna! Thanks for being you =) PLUR [HTID] ~Clinton!

Testimonial by: ammi
I am now the proud owner of a pair of totally awesome lounge pants that rock my socks off. Pants shouldn't be allowed to be this comfortable, man. This Shayna really knows her stuff. <3

Testimonial by: Kirsty
Thanks so much Shayna. My Powerpuff Girl phat pants are so adorable, and you were so helpful while I was waiting for them to arrive. It's obvious that you put so much love into every design you make. It really shows, and I feel so special knowing that my pants are one-of-a-kind. :D Thanks again <3

Testimonial by: Mayelynn
wonderful transaction, very nice and well-made product. Thanks!

Testimonial by: bustera37 (ebay)
Most adorable pants i have ever worn. Smelled wonderful.

Testimonial by: Mistress Red
One of the best websites ever! I can't wait to get my clothing and wear it to Apex, all my friends have already flipped and that was only on the pictures...the clothing on this site is what I have been looking for since I first started raving.. Shayna, your heaven sent.. ^_^

Testimonial by: Yami no Juunin
Not only are those loungies original and comfortable, but they're exceptionally well crafted and easy on the eyes. Plus, they don't hinder my movements when I practice my taijutsu. Thanks and keep up the good work, "Shay-Shay the Red"! ...that nickname doing anything for ya? ~Note from Red~ LOL! Yes, I love it! You are 2 Kewt! Glad your enjoying them!

Testimonial by: Bryan =P
Awesome pants. i wore them to Hulla and they were mad comfy! i got lots of compliments ^___^ they already have awesome memories with them forever! I can't wait to get another pair from you =) p.l.u.r! ~>bry=)

Testimonial by: Netty
I just got my Care Bear phat pants today, and they're beautiful! They fit me perfect. And, I just realized today, these are my SIXTH pair of Enlightened Libra phat pants! Its because Shayna is awesome.

Testimonial by: mysticbranwen
The skirt was just as awesome as the pants that I bought before!

Testimonial by: Matt
I just recived my phat pants today and they are un real they are evey thing i was told they would be. They are the perfect fit and the spider man design is sick as.

Testimonial by: Ásgeir Icelander
These pants are awesome, got to love them because the feel sooooooo good. Keep up the good work and I will defenetly be a return customer : )

Testimonial by: Gail
Hello again Shayna! Thank you for all of your wonderfully comfortable cool sexy unique clothing and your great personal service! It is awesome to finally have quality clothing that suits me and to know that I am passing the buck to a really wonderfully sweet hardworking pirate gal like yourself! I can't wait to visit your site again and see what new ideas you have cooked up. Best wishes with the new space and with that dream of yours!

Testimonial by: Netty
The Santa lounge pants are, as with all of your creations, absolutely wonderful! Thank you Shayna!

Testimonial by: Gail
Thank you Shayna! Everything about your website, your email responses, shipping services and ESPECIALLY your handmade pants, are awesome! I am so glad I found your site, and I hope to be able to purchase more of your comfortable artwork in the future! Also, the bonus bracelet and picture were very sweet. I am glad that I could help you continue your dream, just as your clothing is helping me to live mine. Keep it up! You have a lot of well-deserved support! Thank you!

Testimonial by: Erin Wells
THANK YOU SO MUCH SHAYNA! Wooooohooooooo! The Bitchin' Blue Lounge phatties I got in the mail today were absolutley AWESOME! They are everything I wanted! I'd just like to say that this website, the clothes, the designs and everything that makes them is just fantastic! :) You rock Shayna! Thank you <3

Testimonial by: starry28sky
Hey Shayna!!! Thank you for super fast shipping!!! I received the Plaid top and Black Rose flowered outfit today!!! I'm so excitied! The first thing I did was try on the clothes immediately. I have to say they are fantastic!! I also want to thank you for the drawstring armband bracelet. I'm wearing that, too!:) My cat loves it also!! She is playing with it as I am typing. Thank~you p*l*u*r sg

Testimonial by: Bubblz
WOW! THIS CHICK KIDS YOU NOT FOLKS....HER WORK IS JUST FABULOUS...the more i wear my phat raver pants the more they feel fit..and teh more you wash em the, the more delicious they feel against my body.......*smug* what a great pair of pants!

Testimonial by: Chris L (UK)
I've never seen such amazing creativity in fashion design. The time and effort that went into the Wushu style pants I purchased must have been incredible!! Even the stitching is unique, I've never been so happy with clothing, but then I've never bought from Shayna before, and it's the first thing I've ever bought on line... I feel like I have a new addition to my life rather than a pair of jeans. :-)Thanks girlie! xx

Testimonial by: Arkham
you're pants are amazing. i really love the celtic, i really wish you had those tan fat pants again i loved those

Testimonial by: maggie
just received my pirate top.. it shipped extremely fast i love it, its absolutely beautiful and when trying it on it feels amazing! ^_^ i'll definitly be ordering some pants and more pretty soon.

Testimonial by: Sabrina
I just received the velvet D ring collar (I was out of town when it was delivered, and I just put it on!), and I am totally psyched. :) When I first found it here nearly a year ago, I just didn't have the means or funds to purchase it, though I desperately wanted it. When I came back all this time later, and found it still for sale.. I was shocked, and delighted! Thank you very, very much. It's lovely. And the handwritten thank you note definitely put a smile on my face. :) Thank you, thank you, thank you!

Testimonial by: Shannon Graves
I received the Smurf Halter top today. Thank you, it is soo cool!!! I have already had so many compliments!!!! I love it !!! ~*Peace*~

Testimonial by: Tabitha
I just recieved my outfit today and I love it! I put it on as soon as i got home and saw the package and have been wearing it ever since. I wanted to thank Shana sooo sooo much for sending it so fast and it smelled sooooooooo clean. Thanks again and I hope to be ordering more clothing in the near future! Keep up the great work!

Testimonial by: Netty Reid
I got my Pirate pants today! Thank you so much Shayna! This is the second pair of pants I've bought here, and I'm loving them both, and planning to get more!

Testimonial by: Nana
Hiya! I just got my pants in the mail today, and I must say, they're beautiful! My mom works at an acupuncture college, and the pants smelled exactly like the herb room! (Don't worry, that's a good thing! I love the herb room!) I'm currently extremely sick, but despite that, I was reeeaaally happy to get them! They sent me into a coughing fit... >.>;; Love ya, sweetheart!

Testimonial by: jinny
its better then getting your clothes at a store... at least you know someone actually put time and effort into making it really nice... the awesome service doesnt hurt either SHAYNA ROCKS!~

Testimonial by: Netty Reid
I got my Pound Puppy raver pants yesterday and I was so excited! I absolutely love them, and the shipping was perfect timing, as I'm going to my first rave tonite, and I didn't think they would get here in time, but they did and now I'm so jazzed that I get to wear my Pound Puppies! Thanks so much Shayna! PLUR!

Testimonial by: jinny
it was the easiest online purchase i made... i got exactly what i purchased with no surprises... Shayna rocks!~

Testimonial by: Jenifer Anne
Shayna, I just recieved my pants! Thanks so much 4 the b-utiful work you've done. I also recieved an Xmas card & a calendar, again, I say thanks a lot! The pants-R-a bit big, but I luv em ! You Rock!!

Testimonial by: Amethyst
so, here's an ELC love story...I'm chillin out in the mall wearing my Yoda, Jedi Master raver pants bought from ELC...and this yummy lookin guy walks up to me and says he likes my pants...we go out...and he's like the most awesome guy ever!....and we're very happy together....and if it wasnt for Shayna and her wonderful creations....I would have never met him....yay!!! Not only will you look mega stylish wearing your one-of-a-kind creation....but you might find love like I did :-) *hearts*

Testimonial by: Emmalie
Got my CareBear pants in no time at all. Gave them to a friend as a gift and now her daughter thinks she is the coolest mom EVER!!

Testimonial by: Patrice
I love everything about this store! From the designs to the customer service, everything is everything I could hope for. Not only have I told friends about the site, but I keep the little busniess card I got from my last purchase in my wallet incase someone needs some instant info. I love this store so much that I really make it my business to spread the word about it! Keep up the good work!

Testimonial by: Jacqueline
LOVIN YOU SISTER These raver pants not only smell good, but they'll look good on anyone!!! FANTASTICK:)

Testimonial by: Danielle (Starlet)
I just love my carebare pleeted skirt! Very cute/original and got lots of compliments at my last rave here in AZ.

Testimonial by: Juggalette6904
OMFG I just got your pants in today, and I am already wearing them...I've had them a total of 1 and the personal letter, and everything, was awesome, and they SMELL SO GOOD!! Keep up the good work ~Michi

Testimonial by: Wanda
I just recieved my strawberry shortcake raver pants, and plan to rave it up in them this weekend. They keep me bumpin to the beat as I twirl my glow sticks and down bottles of water while sucking my pacifier. thanks again redheaded pirate! Wanda

Testimonial by: Christian
Ok- Let me be very clear on this. SO listen-up prospective buyers! :-) This girl is amazing! First of all, the web site is the "ship of the line." It's way cool to be able and see for yourself all the creations she is capable of producing. It gave me a real sense of confidence that what I was purchasing was QUALITY. Further more, you could not ask for better customer service. She is extremely prompt in responding to emails and the "Live Help" is DA BOMB! I mean, for the love of pez sticks, this girl is rockin the box FO SHO. Now this is the best part! When I received the Supa Fly Pimp Papa Bodacious Star Wars Pants, I was not disapointed in the least. They were everything they looked to be in her web pictures and MORE!. Uncompromising craftwomanship.. The other issue I MUST comment on is this. I can 1000% state that you will NOT nor EVER get the quality of service, the quality of product or the overall feelings of "the seller actaully gives a crap" feeling more than I have gotten from my purchase with Shayna. Her clothes/art are awsome and so is she! Lastley, It makes me warm and fuzzy all over to know that the money spent on this purchase was going to a "REAL PERSON" that's actually trying to make a livin and not some crap-stick suit wearing greedy capatalistic prick sitting in a corner office in Manhattan :-) I think that covers it.... Keep going Shayna, your work simply put is, "Davine"

Testimonial by: Steven
Got the pants today, and they're everything I hoped! Shanya was friendly and prompt in answering all my questions and concerns, and I definitely plan on shopping here again, and referring my friends!

Testimonial by: Trev
I just got my pants today. I love them! Want more! Thanks for the great pants and fast shipping!

Testimonial by: Lele
I recieved pants, a collar, and a bracelet for my birthday and I love them!....Shayna answered all of my questions quickly and is very friendly....I got my goodies on the day of my birthday....and they smelled very good *giggles*....I usually dont like buying things online....but I took the risk....and it was well worth it....I cant wait to buy more!

Testimonial by: Kim L.
I've purchased two items in the last month....and they're both so awesome! The Checkerboard Denim Skirt is so amazing! I've never had anything bondage like that before, so I'm still trying to figure the straps out and the best way to wear them. The Dark Grey Raver Pants are a complete trip! Yet another first to be added to my wardrobe. Have to say no one in Kentucky has ever seen anything quite like your stuff...I think that's why they keep staring...:-) Anyway, continue to make amazing clothes for me and everyone else who really enjoys them...Thanks!!!

Testimonial by: Little Alex
Hey! I just recieved my pants in the mail!!!!! I absolutely love them and at the moment my fiance' has stolen the Carebear pants from me. They are so fab!!!!!! I absolutely love the material and love the style, these have superfly flow. <333 Thankies so much love. ((Plur)) Little Alex

Testimonial by: Jamie
Great product, fast shipment, great seller! Very Highly recommended!

Testimonial by: Chase
great item good communication will do buisness again

Testimonial by: Butch
love these pants, thanks for the quick shipping- great work!

Testimonial by: westkoastkids99 (ebay)
really PHAT pants and a supa sweet seller A+ A+ A+ THANKS !!!!

Testimonial by: Kandi Angel

Testimonial by: Wanda
Too cool SSC purse! extra smooth transaction! neat person! Will be back!

Testimonial by: rcknrllslts (ebay)
Great person to work with! Very friendly and helpful!

Testimonial by: Zoe
Great Shipping, Fair price, cute pants. You have a lot of talent. :] A+

Testimonial by: medicated-woman (ebay)
You were so nice & pleasant to talk to. Ebay does need more people like you! :]

Testimonial by: Clark
Thanks so much!! Pants are aMaZiNg!!

Testimonial by: Asapien
Prompt shipping. very friendly. thanks for an excellent transaction!

Testimonial by: Wendy Ledford
Loved the pants!!!!Perfect fit!!! Awesome to deal with!!!!

Testimonial by: Elmwood Jones
awesome item! great seller... would definitly deal with again! A++++++

Testimonial by: Bayou Lena
fast shiping, incredably cute pants, super happy here!!!

Testimonial by: Wendy Ledford
A real asset to E-bay!!! Wonderful fast transaction!!! AAAAA++++

Testimonial by: Wendy Ledford
Great Pants!!! A real pleasure to deal with!!!

Testimonial by: Wendy Ledford
Loved the jeans!!!! Very, Very, cute!!! Great designer!!!!

Testimonial by: Jetta
ThisPirate's NO Scallywag! I WON'T send HER to walk the PLANK! XcellentSeller!

Testimonial by: JonJon
Friendly emails and terrific service to Australia! Thanks!! A+++

Testimonial by: acid*stars (ebay)
YAY! the pants are great! thanx! shayna = talented, fun, and awesome seller A+++

Testimonial by: zzyzzyve (ebay)

Testimonial by: Shaundog
excellent seller to work with!!!!!

Testimonial by: Wild Bill
These pants are crazy!!! Nicely done!!!

Testimonial by: twangfushia (ebay)
Love the pants ~ Thank you

Testimonial by: circles_of_sodomania (ebay)
=) Thaks a bunch On top of it all it smells great =)

Testimonial by: theelexicondevil (ebay)
A right on item, smooooth eBay transaction, fast delivery & smiles all around!

Testimonial by: Yoliebear
Awesome product Great shipper Thanks

Testimonial by: moongirllove (ebay)
A+++ these pants are AMAZING!!!

Testimonial by: beetlegatorgirl (ebay)
Beautiful Unique Designs!!! Wow!! Absolute A+ Designer!! Will buy from again!!

Testimonial by: Gil
thanks for the beautiful item and exta. Super fast shipping

Testimonial by: someguy84 (ebay)
A++++ Outstanding communications and quick delivery

Testimonial by: Ames
wicked top, love it!!!!!!! would buy from again, Thanks :o) +++++

Testimonial by: immortaldarknyss (ebay)
Fast shipping! Very nice pants! Thanks!

Testimonial by: Alihandra
super cute. everything, pants, shirt and pipe bag! thanx so much

Testimonial by: Boc Maxima
Most wonderous pants! My many thanks and blessings to Dutchess Shayna!

Testimonial by: e4igloo (ebay)
Way Cute Dress!!!! Very Friendly Fast shipment!!!

Testimonial by: e4igloo (ebay)
Awesome Chick Great Outfit A++++++

Testimonial by: Fauntines
Awsome as always;)

Testimonial by: Fauntines
So cute, the picture doesn't do it justice..... thank you again:)

Testimonial by: jlpmrsgh4b (ebay)
Extremely fast shipment!! Love the item!!

Testimonial by: Shelly Blue
Lovely Lady. Really helpful&friendly. Outfit is PERFECT!!! Very fast delivery.

Testimonial by: The Inventress
extremely nice and fast seller YAY!

Testimonial by: Teka
WOW!!!!! really cute pants!!!!!!!!! i love them!!!!!! fast shipping A+++++++++++

Testimonial by: cure_bear (ebay)
her clothes are awesome/ feel like heaven :) and she's very reliable! thanks.

Testimonial by: strawberryshortcake42479 (ebay)
EXCELENT! Wonderful product, and fast shipment A+++++++++++++++++

Testimonial by: magicninjaprincess (ebay)
amazing one of a kind clothes, really great person, highly recommended!!!

Testimonial by: Stefanie Cardinal
Sweetest pair of pants I've ever had!!! This is where the talent is folks!!!!!

Testimonial by: Angel
Thanks! Lovely item & a very talented lady!

Testimonial by: NRS Chris
Cool outfit - fast shipping!

Testimonial by: Nekobakamegami
GREAT PANTS! Would recommend to everyone! A++++++ & Very kind and understanding!

Testimonial by: PRF (from Ebay)
Item arrived as described. Quality construction.

Testimonial by: lteam6
GREAT ITEM!!!! HIghly recommended :)

Testimonial by: Ryukosei
Awesome craftsmenship, cute outfit! Seller was is really nice. Thanks!

Testimonial by: kandeekyd16
REALLY NICE!!!!! And really fast replying!!! THANKS!!! =) *hugz*

Testimonial by: Synchronicity Designer Boutique
Cute jeans, well made! THANK YOU!

Testimonial by: lord-hep
Costume could not be of a higher quality! you are the Supreme Seamstress! Domo!

Testimonial by: Angel
hello shayna, i cannot thank you enough for the top that you sent me ,it is excellent.i love it! the pirate pants are a work of are truly gifted. they are so hardcore, i think they are going to last least i hope so.the way you pay such attention to the details and the little extras in your design and your sewing.i am still trippin on them.i think they are among the best made clothes in my closet,definetly the most original.what else can i say....they are awesome. my kid ran off with all the glo-stix and also loves the pants.thank you,thank you,thank you. i will own at least 3 pairs of your pants,if not do not stop doing what you are too damn good at it i am glad crash is doing well.take care.thankyou.angel........

Testimonial by: Shannon Munns
I got some bracelets in the mail the other day, glee! I like em lots. They will bring some zing to my boring work outfits. I need more!

Testimonial by: Danielle W.
I just recently received my Rainbow Brite pants in the mail, and they're hella comphy, so easy to walk around in, and ultra light weight. Insanely easy to chill in.

Testimonial by: Jessica Snyder
loved the site bought your harry potter raver pants and top last summer and I love it so much just dropped in to see the new goodies.

Testimonial by: Ashley J.
I bought an outfit from ELC, a Sesame Street outfit. The top has cookie monster on it, and the bottom is a skirt that has three other sesame street characters on it. When I bought it I didn't know if I'd like the way it fit me, but I love it! I love everything about the outfit. I get comments on it all the time. Although, I rarely wear the outfit as an outfit. I usually just wear the top with a pair of black pants. And the skirt with an orange t-shirt. Hehe, I love cookie monster. Thank you for making this outfit!

Testimonial by: Lizzah
I love all of your clothing! It's so fun and outgoing! Makes me want to dance. P.l.u.r.

Testimonial by: Crash into me (aka MARK J)
Omg you have the cutest website Ive ever seen! Im so like totally gonna buy something from you when I get the extra Cash! :) Keep up the great work darling!

Testimonial by: Mike
I read your whole site up and down lastnight & you seem like an extremely cool chick with a very special talent. I have been looking all over for the right kitty outfit & nothing even comes close to this one, my gf agrees & shes not into that as much as I am (thank god she'll wear it for me, hopefully my eyeballs wont explode when shes in it!!) HAHA Thanks for your prompt response & great attitude I really appreciate it, you are a wonderfull person . Peace out, Mike

Testimonial by: Noel
Im not a Dj or anything to do with the dj bit above the e-mail me icon, but i want to thank you. I think that these clothes you make are so super awesome, ive always had so much trouble finding clothes that I like and i cant sew for s*** and thank god someone with creativity like yours can. you rock! just thought Id make it known. ~*nOeL~*

Testimonial by: Holly
Hey Shayna I got the boxers in the mail today, in time for my friend's birthday, and they're perfect! Thank you so much for all the trouble you went through to get them to me! I really don't know how i can thank you enough. I really am thrilled not just by the boxers but by how you've handled the entire transaction. I'm sure we'll be doing business in the future Thanks again plur and peaches Holly

Testimonial by: Holly
Making the mall obsolete ELC offers some of the most brillant designs to be found, combining personal expression with grade A craftsmanship, and the most accessible and friendly customer service I've encountered. One of a kind items that make the wearer a shining star in any senerio are Shayna's specailty. The web site is user friendly and well designed, and Shayna's take on contests is the most equitable i've ever seen. Since my first experience with ELC I have been back again and again, and will continue to support the DIY spirit this whole operation embodies.

Testimonial by: Courtney
Greetings Shayna ~ =) I just wanted to let you know that my pants came in the mail yesterday. They are amazing!! Thanks so much for them. All of the hand painting is SO phat!! I really like the material you used. Now, there are alot of lil "gadgets" on the pants & I'm not sure what they are for, but I've got a phriend (with some "rave gear" experience) who is helping me through this. =P hehe. Anyways, thanks again & I think you may have turned me on to a whole new clothing experience. I generally go with the "hippy" patchwork gear (real simple), but these baggy legged, reflective strip laden, pony bead-adorned digs are pretty kuel too! =) hehe. Thanks again, Shayna, and have a most joyous holiday!! *in light* ~ Courtney

Testimonial by: Alex and Dana
Your clothes are really awesome, we heart the tie leg warmers and the raver pants!!! Yay!!

Testimonial by: Hayles
I really like your stuff but i dont think i can buy any :'( hey but im just gonna make my own stuff but im NOT copying your stuff, youre just my inspiration!!! ;D:D:D:D

Testimonial by: ~Shae
I just wanted to say thank u so much for the sponge bob pants! Even though they are a christmas present for my boyfriend, I had to try them on, & they are Sooooo Comfortable! I only hope that I can keep myself from giving my boyfriend the pants before christmas! Again, thank you so much! They are absolutely wonderful!

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