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Black Rainbow Brite Utility Pocket Belt

Price: $90.00  | In Stock  

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Black Rainbow Brite Utility Pocket Belt
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  Item Size

Will fit waist sizes 30 inches to 37 inches

Pockets are 9 inches long and 5 inches tall and will expand to 2 inches wide


One of a kind! The Utility Belt pictured above is the Utility Belt you will receive upon checkout!

Make sure you read the size information!

This Beautiful, Functional and Fashionable Utility Belt features a 2 large expandable pockets on each side.

Both Pockets have  velcro closures so you never loose anything while out and about.

Each Pocket Flap has Rainbow Brite and the inside are a rainbow Print.

This is a nice heavy duty utility belt that will last through any adventure. It is made of thick fabric that is soft enough to be comfortable but still exceedingly durable.

This utility belt is made of 3 layers, 1 a very heavy duty tightly woven cotton, 2 black cotton twill & vintage Rainbow Brite with Rainbow Accents. It is just as weighty & durable as a leather utility belt.

There are 2 ID/CC/Biz Card pockets inside of each pocket. They have Rainbow Tops so you can easily find your ID/CC/Biz cards.

Both pockets expand out and will accommodate larger phones and all your treasures from your adventures.

The front has a belt loop and a D Ring to clip your keys or tassels onto.

Comes with a clip on Rainbow Tassel.

The front has a quick release buckle closure with a strap catcher to keep the strap end in check.

Super easy on and off! Just adjust the strap through the buckle to fit you and from then on just pop use the buckle to take off and put on.

The perfect addition to any wardrobe! Can be worn with pretty much any outfit.

Go hands free while dancing, shopping, vending or running errands.

Unisex design! Can be worn & will fit properly on Men or Women!

  Materials Used

Vintage Rainbow Brite Fabric

Rainbow Cotton Fabric

Heavy Weight Cotton

Black Cotton Twill


Black D Ring

Quick release Buckle

Strap Catcher

Black Snap Clip

As with all my items , I use the best thread money can buy .

I serge and top stitch all seams for max durability.

  Care Instructions

Please wash these warm on the delicate cycle.

Hang or tumble dry on low.

Iron on silk/synthetic setting.

Comes with care instructions!

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